Few Roads Lead to Cinque Terre

Beautiful adventure!


Fortunately, there are few roads that lead into the Cinque Terre towns by car. In fact, cars are incapable of reaching the confined communities which are protected by surrounding rock mountains.Cinque Terre, italy, Riomaggiore If you are foolish enough to drive, you will surely be walking in the end. I believe this is the one and only reason why these sea -side fishing villages have not completely lost their charm. Walking trails, trains and boats connect one village to the next, however, one would be wise to take the train from La Spezia if wishing to fully experience Cinque Terre.Cinque Terre

Of course, that is exactly what Two Gypsy Souls did! Josh and his speedy driving had in La Spezia slightly ahead of schedule. Because we were staying in private accommodations, we had no choice but to wait for our host to arrive. So we waited…and waited…and waited for a man who…

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All About Amalfi

Heidi and Josh and their European adventure…


For those of you who have never heard of the Amalfi Coast, I suggest you add this UNESCO World Heritage site to your bucket list. I am happy to say I can now cross it off of mine!Amalfi coast, Italy

We spent an entire day in the car traveling from Southern Sicily to the ever tourist-ed town of Sorrento, close to the Amalfi coast. Costiera Amalfitana, as the locals call it, is a narrow stretch of coastline on the Southern coast of the Sporrentine Peninsula in the Province of Salerno. This region lies in a Mediterranean climate which provides warm summers and mild winters. Perfect, my kind of weather!Amalfi coast, Italy

But wait…. remember that rain I recently mentioned? The ominous cloud that engulfed our tiny tent in Sicily? Well it followed us all the way to Amalfi! It became abundantly clear that we would not be pitching a tent during this monsoon, unless we…

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Matera, why you gotta be so cool?

My sis and Josh in Italy. May we all get to see the wide world someday! xo


Bascilicata, ItalyMatera, ItalyTwo Gypsy Souls spent one day shy of a week becoming familiar with a remote southern region of the Basilicata. Although much time was spent exploring neighbouring communities, we fell in love with one town in particular, which is famous for its extensive cave-dwelling district. To date, this super Sassi place is practically untouched by foreign travellers which is a curious thing to me. My only question is….Matera, why you gotta be so cool?Matera, Italy

One can easily  become lost while wandering through extensive networks of cobblestone paths and alleyways which border alongside the picturesque cave-filled cliffs of Matera. Once upon a time, these caves were actually inhabited… in fact, they were inhabited for centuries!  Up until the 1950s, hundreds of families resided in the overcrowded cave-houses. Eventually, the malaria-ridden conditions became a national scandal, which forced the cave residents to be moved (by law) into more modern buildings on the…

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Two to Paros, to Naxos too Please!

My sis xo


A laboured afternoon left Milos fading off into the distance across the horizon. As sad as we were to be saying goodbye, we were also thrilled to be gliding across the Mediterranean Sea in search of the island known as Paros. With a scheduled stopover in Naxos, surely the passage from Milos to Paros would be less than three hours of travel time….right?

Wrong! We docked in Naxos only to discover that, although we possessed a prearranged ticket, in no way, shape, or form did it warrant us an advantage over any other passenger.  We were essentially “stuck” on Naxos, en route to Paros. Slightly annoyed, yet knowing we would return to this exact place in only a few days, my annoyance softened when Josh returned from the travel office with a new ferry ticket and a gyro in hand. My mantra for the afternoon was something along the lines…

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